Alexey Mak

Alexey Mak

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First Name * Alexey
Last Name * Mak
Username * S-ed
Country * Russia
City St.Petersburg
Nationality Russian
Languages EnglishRussian



Availability: Freelance


I'm working as 3D Generalist. Most of my life i've worked as part of teams that developed education and CALS systems. As 3d modeller in my responsibility were: modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing of videos. As programmer, i've wrote many scripts for 3dsMax, made many action script driven interactive applications for education software. As technical specialist i've consulted staff in hardware, software applied areas, applied sciences. I have knowledge in various areas, like programming (C based languages, Action Script 3.0, Maxscript, PHP and other), math and physics, engineering. I like creativity, and I like tech, cause it allow us to be more creative. Even so I still have to learn. There are lot of new technologies, new areas for creativity. And, lack of knowledge in anatomy, crappy hand drawing not allowing me to work anywhere I want. (As one wise man said: "Good specialist can choose where to work by himself.")